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Search Engine Optimization in Nepal: Our SEO process includes traditional tricks as well as modern SEO techniques. We are a “Digital Marketing Analyst” a company that grows organic traffic for your business. In this growing phase of digital Nepal, every business must have a strong online presence. We are able to help to grow your business with quality SEO services.

We use proper white-hat techniques which is a little slow but better SEO process. We have not been penalized for any of our projects. Some sites take some time to gain SERP positions. But we provide the needed efforts to gain a better position for each and every project.

Traditional link building techniques such as spamming your URLs everywhere are not using these days. By using the proper backlink checker, we at Digital Nepal Vision analyze the space. We place our links where the URL seems useful. We also analyze spam back-links, trust flow, local citation and citation flow before link building.


Digital Marketing in Nepal: If you want to advertise your Facebook pages with methods like Facebook boost, we have the perfect boost packages as well. We are experienced on how to boost and how to promote Facebook page.

Why is SEO necessary?

Online marketing is trending as a result of excessive use of smartphones and laptops. We can say easy access to the internet. Anyone can get proper information about what they are searching for. This job belongs to the search engine through the internet.

The search engine uses an algorithm to return the most relevant content to the search. It will make your idea or sell your product/service to lead conversion.

How SEO works?

As we know, the search engine uses an algorithm to return relevant content to search. Then how that works might be the question for many. The search engine uses search bots to crawl and index. Search engine bots crawl all the content in the web network.

It will judge the proper content, website structure, back-link sand citation. It will analyse people's behavior and search records. Google performs continuous updates within a certain time frame monitoring search.

Then it can identify the most relevant content and how people react with that content. If anybody search, then it will return the list of the website contains relevant content.

When people visited the first website in the list i.e. SERP 1 on the first page. The search engine identifies if that visitor finds what he/she searching for. And it identifies as he/she satisfied with the content. It checks how much time the visitor stays on the page and reads the content.

This lets the search engine knows how is the quality of content. If a visitor stays in the site more, the bounce rate will be low and content seems engaging and will rank high as before. If the bounce rate is high then next relevant content will be in SERP 1. Hence, the quality of content and answer to the visitor determines the rank of your page.

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